Art washes the soul of the dust of every day life

~ Pablo Picasso

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What is the purpose of Soul Nurture Project?

To nurture and align you to your soul's calling through creativity

 I have a mission. The mission is creativity. More so, that I help people engage and use their “creativity muscle.” We all have it. 
Sometimes people believe they are not creative. I would argue we are all creative. 
That is what we are meant to be.  In some ways, creativity is part of being human.
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Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

~ Edward de Bono

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Online Courses

 Creating Your Way

to You

A Personal 6-week Course that uses a combination of creative modalities: poetry, movement, journalling, clay making, collage. Each week has a unique inspiration and mediation to start the process. You follow the creative instructions for the week and then share with your community. This process builds the bridge from art to your knowing inner desires.

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Magical Meditative Mandalas

Exploring how to support your life with creating your own personalized Mandala              and creating meditations,           made just for you by you.

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Free Resources For Community

Your Community is the part of my website just for you, the Soul Nurture Project Community. 

There are Creativity Tips and Ideas and a variety of Meditations (a.k.a. Mindful Activities to Centre Yourself).

All of these categories I will be adding to over time and will continually expand. All of these are accessible for free by being a Soul Nurture Project Community Member.

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Soul Nurture Project comes from lived experience. 

A desire for self-improvement, to make myself and the way I live better every day.  It seems like I have an internal compass that strives to find a ways through whatever the challenge and will not accept mediocracy. 
This in-born knowledge that I can do better, or more accurately, I can become more aligned with myself, my truth, my path – which I find is ever-changing. 
Transition or change is a key theme of life it seems. What I do know is that Art became an anchor, a go-to that helped me express what I had difficulty expressing in words… a place of release… a place of reflection, a place to see the parts of myself are based in Who I Am not What I Do.

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