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About Kelly

I decided to start this project because I what I have learned in life. I have joked with people that I have taken ‘the life intensive course’ in Earth School. I know as therapist that there are many who have experienced way more than I have, but certainly with my keen desire to self-explore and understand the world all around combined with the lived experiences and labels of “widow”, “cancer survivor”, “single mother” along with a whole lot of experience in working though emotional struggles (personal and professional) I have come to find that accessing creativity is one of our best built in survival tools in life. Yes, each and every one of us is creative (see my blog post on that). This is why in my courses you will see that I refer to the participants as creators, because really we are all creators.

Creativity is found in all sorts of ways: creativity can be in the approaches to managing ones emotional world to creativity in problem solving to creativity as the associated ideal of through the arts. Expressive arts played a huge role in my healing after my first husband died of cancer when I was 37 and my son was 9 months. Creativity was there to help me question and come to ‘befriend’ death and creativity travelled with me on a cancer journey, being my outlet with my existential questions with reality and what is life all about.

I believe it is my internal work that lead me to fearlessly make leaps into exploring different ways of being, to seek out different kinds of conversations and not necessarily choose the status quo, even though it was safe, secure and readily available to me (consider I decided to travel with my then partner to explore different places to be living in 5 different countries, homeschooling my son for the first year of our travels, continuing on despite the pandemic onset). Definitely this is where manifestation and living with flow emerges so explicitly.

I have often described therapy as peeling an onion, however life is like that too. There have been times where I thought I knew myself well (I did for that moment in time) but there was more to know. I believe there is always more to know and to explore using art and creativity I find is one of the most useful, integrating and fun ways to go about it.

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